Driving to Disneyland® Paris

Cars Race Rally at Toon Studio in Walt Disney Studios® Park

It's easy to get to Disneyland Paris by car, whether you travel with Le Shuttle (prev. Eurotunnel) or P&O Ferries and then make your way to the parks on the motorway.

Once you're in France, it's just a 3-hour trip from Calais, making it possible to experience the magic on a weekend break or even as part of a short city break.

Why Travel with Le Shuttle?

Travelling with Le Shuttle (previously known as Eurotunnel) offers quick, reliable, value-for-money travel and exclusive shopping opportunities at the terminal before you depart.

Here are a few reasons why it can be a great idea to start your trip to Disneyland Paris on Le Shuttle.

  • It's the fastest route by car and takes just 35 minutes to get from Folkestone to Calais
  • There are 4 shuttles per hour during peak times and no luggage restrictions mean it's an extremely flexible way to travel
  • It enables you to relax in your own car for a comfortable and fuss-free journey
  • One ticket covers your car with up to 9 passengers and there are no fuel supplements or airport taxes
  • You go through British and French customs when you board, meaning you set off more quickly for the 3-hour trip to Disneyland when you depart at Calais

Please note. LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) cars are not permitted in Le Shuttle.

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Why Travel with P&O Ferries?

Catching the ferry gives you time to relax before your 3-hour journey from Calais to Disneyland Paris. With play areas, restaurants and shops it's one of the most enjoyable ways to start your Disney adventure.

  • The ferry is stress-free and gives you the chance to enjoy on-board dining, shopping and entertainment options
  • It's relaxing and offers the chance to stretch your legs with a walk around the deck and to take in great sea views
  • There are frequent crossings, with more than 20 ferries travelling between England and France every day
  • You'll cross the Channel in just 90 minutes, making it a quick and easy journey

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How to Get to Disneyland Paris from Calais

  • Head on to the A26 from Calais and change to the A4
  • Follow Metz/Nancy on A4 or the A104
  • Take exit 14 for Parcs Disneyland Paris

If you're using a sat-nav, here's all the information you'll need...

Latitude: 48.876077 - Longitude: 2.79646 (Disneyland Paris Parking)
Street: Boulevard de Parc
Town: Serris/Coupvray
Department: 77700
Country: France