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What legal driving restrictions are there in France?

There are several driving restrictions and requirements which you need to follow when driving in France. Drivers must: drive on the right, be over the age of 18, ensure everyone in the car wears a seat belt and that no children under the age of 10 are allowed to travel in the front passenger seat.

You will also need to carry the following documents with you at all times when driving: Full valid driving licence, passport, vehicle registration document and a certificate of motor insurance.
In addition you need to have the following in your car at all times: high visibility vests, warning triangles, a Norme Française-approved breathalyser and headlamp converters in your vehicle. If visibility is poor, you’re advised to use dipped headlights even in daytime. If a car is not carrying the European stars emblem and nationality as part of its permanent number plate, nationality stickers must be used on rear bumpers.

The speed limits in France are: - motorway – 130 km/h, in wet weather – 110 km/h. Dual carriageways – 110 km/h, in wet weather – 100 km/h. Open roads – 90 km/h, in wet weather – 80 km/h and in towns – 50 km/h.

Furthermore, if you are planning to drive within the Periphique (i.e. through central Paris) you are required to purchase a sticker to show that you have a low emission car.

These can be purchased online

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What transport options are available for travel into Calais?

For self-drive packages, you can take P&O ferries from Dover to Calais or from Folkestone to Calais using Eurotunnel services. To check availability and prices, please visit our website and enter your dates.

How do I get from Calais to Disneyland® Paris and how long will it take ?

The easiest driving route from Calais to Disneyland® Paris is as follows and should take around 3 hours :
1. Take the A26 to Arras
2. Then the A1 (Autoroute du Nord)
3. Continue on the A1 until exit 6
4. Take the A104
5. Join the A4, where you head North/East for Disneyland Paris
Disneyland® Paris is well-signposted from Calais.

What information do I need if I’m using a Sat Nav?

If you plan to use a sat nav, you’ll need the following information.
Street: Boulevard du Parc, Town: Serris/Coupvray, Department: 77700, Country: France
Some sat nav systems will locate Disneyland Paris if you type "Disneyland Paris" or "Disneyland Resort Paris".

Is there Free parking available at Disneyland® Paris?

Yes, Disneyland® Paris offers free parking to all Disney Guests at all Disney® Hotels. If you're staying at Disney’s Davy Crockett's Ranch, you can drive to the Disney® Parks and also receive free parking.

What will the UK Home Office legislation regarding Exit Checks mean for me?

The UK Home Office legislation requires identity checks for all travellers exiting the UK.

Eurotunnel are asking for all travellers to provide their travel documentation details (i.e. passport, identity card, group passport) in advance of travel. Please contact Eurotunnel as soon as possible ahead of departure on 0330 1233207. You will need to provide your Eurotunnel booking reference which can be located on your travel documents, which you will receive three weeks prior to departure. Alternatively, obtain your Eurotunnel reference from our Disney Experts by calling 0800 169 0737.

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