Toon Studio, Walt Disney Studios® Park

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of Disney animation at Toon Studio

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of Disney animation at Toon Studio.

Where classic characters star in dazzling recreations of some of the world's best-loved Disney moments – and where the artists who help to create them are celebrated in glory.

You'll get incredible insight into the Disney animation process and learn how to sprinkle a bit of magic over your own artistic creations.

Here's just a taste of all that's on offer when you visit Toon Studio.


Things are heating up in the kitchen as you join the gang from Ratatouille for a five-star serving of foodie fun. You're shrunk down to the size of a rat before heading out into the wonderful world of Gusteau's restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Then hop on board a giant turtle shell at Crush's Coaster and prepare for a wet and wild ride with some familiar faces from Finding Nemo. Dive deep beneath the waters of Australia for a tour of the Great Barrier Reef with Nemo and Squirt.

At the Art of Disney Animation, you can go behind the scenes to learn how some of Disney's most famous characters are created. Plus, if you're feeling inspired, you'll have the chance to get creative yourself – perfect family fun for all.

You can also take your place at the starting line for a race around the desert town of Radiator Springs with none other than Lightning McQueen. At Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, get behind the wheel of your favourite motor from Cars and hold on for a speedy thrill ride.

If you want to ride even more of the highway, head across to Cars ROAD TRIP and see the sights of the Southwest with a tour steered by characters Cruz Ramirez and Sally Carrera. Experience a wheel-rattling power shower at Cars-tastrophe Canyon and wave hello to Lightning McQueen.

There's plenty of fun to be had at Toy Story Playland, where you'll find loads of exciting rides and toys to keep you entertained. With huge blades of grass and giant pebbles, you'll feel as though you're right there in Andy's backyard with Buzz and Woody.

Rev your engines for Cars ROAD TRIP
Rev your engines for Cars ROAD TRIP


Join Mickey and other beloved Disney Characters for a spectacular show exclusive to Disneyland Paris. In Mickey and the Magician, Mickey is cleaning up a great Magician's atelier when all of a sudden his dream of becoming a Magician himself takes over! A truly magical experience for the whole family to enjoy!

Dare to be dazzled by Mickey and the Magician, our breath-taking new show.
Enjoy a spectacular show in Toon Studio


Bistrot Chez Rèmy is just one of the great restaurants to choose from and offers the chance to see the world from a whole new perspective. With giant champagne corks serving as seats and huge jam jar lids for tables, you'll feel just like Rèmy and his rodent friends from Ratatouille.

It's not just the décor that's big – there's also the chance to indulge in some larger-than-life flavours. Tuck into a special menu of seasonal salads, cuts of beef, brie de meaux and the star dish itself – ratatouille. There's also a big selection of delicious desserts to tempt you.

EVisit Chez Remy and you'll feel just like Rèmy from Ratatouille
Visit Chez Remy and you'll feel just like Rèmy from Ratatouille