Adventureland, Disneyland Park

Captain Hook's pirate ship

For brave and fearless travellers, Adventureland is the place to have exciting family adventures.

You'll follow the tracks of smugglers and sail on the high seas with swashbuckling pirates on an unforgettable journey full of family fun and intrigue.

There's even more action in store for intrepid visitors – but here's just a taste of what you can expect from Adventureland.


Set out on a journey worthy of Indiana Jones to the very heart of the ruined Temple of Peril.

This thrill ride will send you soaring through an eerie ruin on a rickety cart as you try to solve the mystery of a disappearing team of adventurers.

Then explore a Spanish fortress besieged by the Pirates of the Caribbean on the ride that inspired the films starring Johnny Depp.

Expect to get wet as you board your vessel, watch a burning city and steel yourself to enter the spooky Pirates Grotto.

Head up to the very top of a stunning treehouse built by the shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson. At La Cabane des Robinson, you'll see how to survive being shipwrecked in style.

Big Thrills await on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
Big Thrills await on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril


Set sail for Adventure Isle to find family fun that the little ones will love. There's fresh intrigue around every corner, whether at the dark and mysterious Skull Island or looking out from Spyglass Hill.

On the south side of the island, a moored Pirate Galleon waits to be discovered and it's all hands on deck to seek out the treasure buried ashore.

On board the Pirate Galleon with Captain Hook
On board the Pirate Galleon with Captain Hook


Tired travellers are in for a treat at Adventureland, with a whole range of delicious dining options.

Tuck into a feast at the Lion King-themed Hakuna Matata, complete with mud walls, a thatched roof and a menu of African delights including kebabs and rice dishes.

Dive into a pirates' feast of exotic seafood and Creole cooking at Captain Jack's - Restaurant des Pirates, a bustling tavern on the shores of a torch-lit lagoon.

Set in the fort of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, exotic palm trees, beautiful greenery and white sand make this the perfect spot for seafarers to refuel.