Marvel Season of Super Heroes

Marvel Season of Super Heroes image featuring Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America at Disneyland Paris

Team up with Marvel's powerful Super Heroes at Disneyland® Paris!

Assemble at Marvel Season of Super Heroes! Iron Man, Captain America, Groot and Captain Marvel in immersive, mind-blowing missions to never forget.

Marvel Season of Super Heroes will not be at Disneyland Paris in 2020. In the meantime, read on to learn more about 2019's event...

Marvel: Super Heroes United

Guests were immersed in the origins of greatness with this epic show action-packed with live Characters and ground-breaking special effects. Spider-Senses were tingling as Marvel legends Iron Man and Captain America battled it out before joining forces with Spider-Man, Black Widow and Hulk to bring down the most evil supervillain of all; Thanos. Complete with thrilling flashbacks showing how each hero realised their powers, it was a heroic experience not to be missed.

Marvel Super Heroes unite for this epic show
You could feel the power at this show of epic proportions!

Stark Expo: Make Way for a Better Tomorrow!

Marvel Super Heroes collided in this electrifying extravaganza. You were swept into the middle of the action and watched as The Avengers, including Thor and Black Widow fight in a colossal battle with Asgard's evil second prince, Loki. No one could prepare for the wonder of Captain Marvel dropping in to save the day for the first time at Disneyland Paris!

Thor battling Loki in Stark Expo Presents: Energy for Tomorrow
Guests watched as the Marvel Super Heroes clashed in a colossal battle!

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off

Guests strutted their Super Moves to help the Guardians evade the clutches of an evil enemy, joining forces with Star-Lord and Gamora, before spinning, shaking and sliding their way onto the dance floor to some classic 70s and 80s anthems blasting out of Peter Quill's cherished boom box. Guests kept their eyes peeled for Groot the flora colossus, who planted his own moves on the dance floor.

Gamora meeting young guests at Disneyland Paris
Star-Lord and Gamora were there to help you unleash your inner Guardian.

Captain America Encounter

You could stand proud with America’s bravest Avenger, Captain America. He was on the hunt for new recruits, so Guests perfected their salute as he couldn't wait for an epic handshake!

Captain America meeting young boy at Disneyland Paris
Shoulder-to-shoulder with Captain America during one of our Heroic Encounters.

Heroic Face Painting

Guests unleashed their inner Super Hero with this Heroic Face Painting session. Marvel fans could transform into their favourite hero for a day and choose to go either 'Power Green' for the Hulk or 'Spidey-Red' to bring out the Spider-Man in you.

Get your face painted and become your favourite Marvel Super Hero
Super Hero transformations at one of our Heroic Face Painting sessions.