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What is PhotoPass+?

Get everyone in the picture with PhotoPass+!
PhotoPass+ allows you to collect all the photos taken by the Disneyland Paris photographers at selected locations and Character Experiences throughout Disneyland Paris, plus on-ride attraction photos. Download them all as high-quality digital image files to relive the magic over and over again!
Both Disney Parks now also include exciting MagicShots, to add an extra sprinkle of magic to your photos!

Where can I find my PhotoPass+ ID number?

Each PhotoPass+ product contains a unique ID number which you will find on the reverse side of each card provided in your product. Scratch off the privacy zone to uncover the last 4 digits when you register your PhotoPass+ online. You can also find the full PhotoPass+ ID number on the Activation Ticket given to you with your PhotoPass+ product. Please keep this ticket separate from your PhotoPass+ IDs.

How do I download my PhotoPass+ photos?

All photos associated to your PhotoPass+ card will be available on the website below.

Here's how it works:

1. Open a free account online at
2. Register your PhotoPass+ ID number to your PhotoPass account
3. View, download and share your photos!

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Where can I get my photo taken with PhotoPass+?

With PhotoPass+ you can enjoy:

- Photographer pictures of selected Character Experiences
- On-Ride images at selected attractions
- Photographer pictures at selected iconic attractions throughout Disneyland Paris

How do I link a photo to my Disney account so that I am able to download it with my PhotoPass+ purchase?

You can link your photos by presenting your PhotoPass+ card to the PhotoPass+ photographers, or at the sales counter of attractions equipped with an image capture system.

How do I activate my PhotoPass+ card?

Your PhotoPass+ card will be activated on the day of check-in at your Disney Hotel or through the Disneyland Paris point of sale system at time of purchase in the Disney Parks.

When do I receive my PhotoPass+ card?

You will receive your PhotoPass+ card upon check-in at your Disney Hotel. Alternatively, you will receive your PhotoPass+ card at the point of sale when purchased in the Disney Parks.

How long will PhotoPass+ photos be available in my Disney account?

Your image files will be available for 1 year after the 1st use of your PhotoPass+ card.

I purchased PhotoPass+. When can I begin downloading my photos?

You can start downloading your photos as soon as you’ve received your PhotoPass+ card and linked your photos to it.

How long can I capture photos at Disneyland Paris with my PhotoPass+ purchase?

You can associate images with your PhotoPass+ account for 10 days following the activation of your card.

How do I view my PhotoPass+ photos?

Simply register your account online via the site below to view, share and download your photos. You can also view your photos in selected Disneyland Paris shops, across a dedicated photo network.

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What can I do with my PhotoPass+ photos?

- You may download the image files
- You may copy the image files and share them with your family, friends and contacts
- You may make personalised photo products on the PhotoPass website (operated by Kodak) at
- You may use the image files for any other personal use, within the context of the family circle

Does PhotoPass+ include any physical photo prints or products?

You can create and order personalised photo products online and have them delivered directly to home, this is however not included in the PhotoPass+ product and additional charges apply.

Where can I get support for my PhotoPass+?

For PhotoPass+ help and support, please visit the page below or contact our Disney Experts on 0800 169 0737.

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