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Fariy Godmothers

Can I book flight only?

Walt Disney Travel Company International are unable to offer flight only reservations. Flights must be booked as part of a Disney package.

Which airline will I be flying with?

All flights booked with Walt Disney Travel Company, will be with the airline carrier selected at time of booking.

Can I choose specific airlines, flights and times?

Yes, as long as we have a contract with the requested carrier or it's one we are using as a preferred carrier.

In the UK, which terminal will I be flying from?

All departure information will be included within your Travel Documentation which you will receive approximately 14 days prior to departure.

How long is the check-in time?

We suggest checking in a minimum of 3 hours before departure and being at the departure gate at the required time. Please visit your airline carriers website for further information.

What is a code share flight?

A code share is a deal struck between airlines to carry each other's passengers. This allows carriers to provide passengers with a much wider choice of destinations. The flight number of the airline you book with will appear on your ticket and the operating carrier should appear in your flight details.

Why can flight prices differ during my search?

We're always on the lookout for the most affordable air fares possible, checking in real-time for availability. Since the market can often change, there might be times when fares shift or seats get booked between the moment you inquire and when you're ready to make a booking.

What age is an air passenger considered an infant?

Children under 2 years are considered an infant. If you want your infant to have a seat on the plane, the child price will apply. All bookings including infants need to be made with our Disney Experts by calling 0800 16 90 730.

What happens if I miss my connecting flight?

We will only ever book you on to a connection officially recognised by your airline. That means that, should anything go wrong, the airline accept full responsibility for getting you to your destination as quickly & conveniently as possible.

How do I request special assistance for my flights?

Please speak to our Disney Experts on 0800 16 90 730 and they will request any special assistance required to your reservation. Please note we cannot guarantee all requests.

Can I fly if I'm pregnant?

Congratulations! Airlines can have different rules when it comes to allowing mums-to-be to fly, therefore it is best to check with our Disney Experts prior to booking.

Can I extend my flight to a later date?

Of course! We completely understand your need for flexibility in your travel plans.

Since your flight bookings have been made with us, please ensure you reach out to our Disney Experts. Whether you need to modify your flight schedule prior to or after your stay at Walt Disney World, our Disney Experts are here to lend a hand. You can reach them at 0800 169 0730.

How do I make a change to my flight?

Since you've reserved your flights through us, should you require any modifications to your flight arrangements, kindly get in touch with our team of Disney Experts.

Regardless of whether you need to adjust your flights prior to or following your Walt Disney World experience, our dedicated experts are available for assistance. Feel free to reach out to them at 0800 169 0730.

How can I stay updated with my flight schedule?

To stay informed about any changes or updates to your flight schedule, we recommend visiting the official website of your airline.

Airlines typically offer real-time flight status updates, including departure and arrival times, gate details, and any possible delays. By regularly checking your airline's website, you can access the most up-to-date information about your flight.