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What are the upgraded seating options?

Certain airlines offer enhanced economy and business class options with better accommodations and services compared to standard classes.

For instance, Virgin Atlantic provides Premium Economy, while British Airways has World Traveller Plus and Club World.

• Enhanced Economy normally includes perks like extra legroom, wider seats, dedicated check-in, and upgraded meals.
• Business Class normally offers premium seating, superior dining, airport lounge access, enhanced services, and often features "lie-flat" seats for better rest during the flight.

For specifics, visit your airline's website to learn more about these offerings.

How do I reserve a specific seat?

Advanced Seating policies vary between airlines. Please visit the individual carrier websites for further information.

Please note, Walt Disney Travel Company International have no control over seating arrangements with the airline.

How do I make a meal request?

If you have any dietary requirements for your in-flight meal, please visit your airline carriers website where you can make this request.

What is the luggage allowance?

Luggage allowance can differ dependant on your airline carrier. You should check with your airline or refer to your documentation for specific baggage rules.

What extra security procedures are in place?

The security checks at airports around the world have increased considerably. Expect suitcases to be scanned before check-in, hand luggage X-rayed and manually searched, and a further security check at the boarding gate. These checks vary day to day and airport to airport. Therefore, we recommend you leave in plenty of time to allow for these.

What liquids (i.e., gels, lotions, pastes etc) can I take on board?

Passengers may carry a limited quantity of liquids, i.e. gels, lotions, pastes, liquid cosmetics, foams and foodstuffs in their hand baggage when going through UK airport security checkpoints. Details of exact quantities is stated at security.

Are electrical items or aerosols allowed in hold luggage?

As these items are generally not required during a journey they can be placed within hold luggage. We recommend that they are carefully packed in the centre of the case wrapped in something to protect them.

My luggage has not arrived, who do I contact?

Baggage delivery is the responsibility of your individual airline carrier. Please contact the airline / visit their desk located at the airport.

What happens to my baggage if I fly indirect?

If your transfer point is outside of the USA, then normally your bags will be transferred for you. If your connection point is in the USA, when you arrive there you will be required to reclaim your baggage, clear all US entry formalities, then check your bags back on to your connecting flight.

How do I request special assistance for my flights?

Please speak to our Disney Experts on 0800 16 90 730 and they will request any special assistance required to your reservation. Please note we cannot guarantee all requests.