Marvel Season

Marvel Season - Team Up for Marvel Season of Super Heroes

Team Up for Marvel Season of Super Heroes

Team up with Marvel’s most powerful Super Heroes and help save the universe. Be first to answer the call, only at Disneyland® Paris from 23rd March to 16th June 2019. Book your trip by 11th February to save up to 25% and receive a FREE Half Board Meal Plan for arrivals from 2nd April 2019*!

Marvel: Super Heroes United

Feel the power of the epic Marvel: Super Heroes United show.

Immerse in the origins of greatness with this epic show super-charged with live Super Heroes and ground-smashing, heroic special effects. Feel your Spider-Sense tingle as Marvel legends Iron Man and Captain America battle each other before uniting with Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk to bring down the baddest supervillain in the universe, Thanos.

Stark Expo: Make Way for Better Tomorrow

See a show of the future in Stark Expo: Make Way for a Better Tomorrow.

Swoop into the middle of the mayhem with this electrifying extravaganza buzzing with live Marvel Super Heroes. Gaze in awe as The Avengers, including Thor and Black Widow, fight a colossal clash with Asgard’s evil second prince, Loki. And brace yourself for the wonder of Captain Marvel dropping in to save the day for the first time ever at Disneyland® Paris!

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off

Strut your super moves at the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off.

Do you have the power moves to help the Guardians escape the clutches of an evil enemy? Team up with Star-Lord and Gamora and strut your stuff to some classic 70s and 80s bangers blasting out of Peter Quill’s beloved boom box. The slicker your steps, the more chance they have of escaping. Keep your eyes peeled for Groot the flora colossus, who will be planting his own moves on the dance floor to help save the day.

Captain America Encounter

Stand proud at Heroic Encounter: Captain America.

Puff out your chest and perfect your salute with bravest Avenger. He’s on the hunt for new recruits and he can’t wait for a heroic handshake with an honourable fan, like you.

Makeup Opportunity

Unleash your inner Super Hero with Heroic Face Painting.

You’ve answered the call, now bring your alter ego to life with this Heroic Face Painting session*. This is a chance for Marvel fans to transform into their favourite hero for a day. Will you go ‘Power Green’ for the Hulk? Or will ‘Spidey Red’ bring out the Spider-Man in you?

NEW! Arrival of Captain Marvel

To celebrate the release of her new movie this year, Captain Marvel will be dropping into Disneyland® Paris for the first time ever, reinforcing the Marvel team in their fight to save the universe. Only during Marvel Season of Super Heroes.

NEW! Groot Encounter

Keep an eye out for Groot the friendliest flora colossus in the galaxy, and at Disneyland® Paris. He can’t wait to join a growing Marvel team in their fight to save the universe. Share a mighty moment as you yell together, “I am Groot!” only during Marvel Season of Super Heroes.