2020 Summer Itineraries

2020 Summer Itineraries - Discover Greece, Iceland, the Mediterranean & More!

Discover Greece, Iceland, the Mediterranean & More!

Disney Cruise Line have their European itineraries for Summer 2020! These are available to book with Walt Disney Travel Company, call our Disney Experts on 0800 169 0742 for more information or to book!

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Glittering Greece

Embark on a magical Disney cruise to the Greek islands and the Mediterranean. On your journey, you''ll drop anchor at some of the region''s most charming locations, where historic sights, picturesque alleyways and delectable cuisine await around every corner.

Departure Dates: 13th June, 22nd June and 1st July 2020

Durations: 9-Night and 12-Night

Ports of Call Include: Messina, Italy; Santorini, Greece; Piraeus, Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Herakilon, Greece; Naples, Italy; Olbia, Italy; Livorno, Italy; Nice/Cannes, France; Dubrovnik, Croatia and Katakalon, Greece

Mesmerising Mediterranean

From east to west, the sun-soaked Mediterranean is a delight for the whole family. Where the history''s rich in each port of call, the entertainment''s as sizzling as the sun and the winding streets are just waiting to be explored.

Departure Dates: 23rd May, 30th May, 6th June, 13th July and 18th July 2020

Durations: 5-Night and 7-Night

Ports of Call Include: Barcelona, Spain; Naples, Italy; Civitavecchia, Italy; Livorno, Italy; Villefranche, France; Toulon, France; Genoa (Milan), Italy and Cannes, France

Incredible Iceland

Discover the rugged splendour of Iceland and Northern Europe on a Disney Cruise Line adventure. Spread across four extraordinary countries, each port of call offers plenty for the whole family to enjoy - from historical sights to modern architecture and natural wonders including the Norwegian Fjords.

Departure Dates: 20th August 2020

Durations: 10-Night

Ports of Call Include: Copenhagen, Denmark; Gothenburg, Sweden; Stavanger, Norway; Kirkwall, United Kingdom; Reykjavik, Iceland and Dover, United Kingdom

Breathtaking Northern Europe

In Northern Europe, the whole family can explore a world where fascinating history and chic modern design collides, magnificent imperial cities and breathtaking natural beauty meet, and cool culture and exciting activities come together to form totally unique destinations.

Departure Dates: 25th July, 5th August, 13th August and 30th August 2020

Durations: 7-Night, 8-Night and 11-Night

Ports of Call Include: Copenhagen, Denmark; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Gdynia, Poland; St Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Olden, Norway; Alesund, Norway; Stavanger, Norway and Dover, United Kingdom

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